General Research #2: Milk Thistle

For the pet lovers:

Have you been kept up late nights from the sound of a jingling collar? Does your dog or cat find it difficult to rest, relax, or avoid chewing on their paws, chewing their rump, or constantly scratching? Chances are—if it’s not fleas—there is an allergy your pet is fighting. According to a prominent animal health blogger, Rodney Habib, there is a miracle detoxifier that can solve all yours and your pets’ allergy problems. Milk Thistle is a wonder herb that has “21 reasons” to be in yours and your feline or canine friends’ diet.

Take it from Habib, this herb will do wonders for the liver and detox the body of allergens.

“Milk Thistle….

  • Can help relieve allergies;
  • Helps with general liver problems, including cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Aids in healing kidney disease or kidney damage and speeds up the healing process;
  • Helps alleviate the symptoms of Pancreatitis;
  • Has been shown to decrease the effects of some cancers in a pet’s body;
  • Cleanses our skin;
  • Helps decrease amount of insulin needed over time (due to its anti-hyperglycemic properties) in pets suffering from diabetes;
  • Boosts antioxidant activity;
  • Is found to be beneficial in several hepatic disorders;
  • Fights high cholesterol;
  • Fights jaundice, vomiting, pneumonia, flatulence, constipation and hemorrhoids;
  • Prevents congestion in kidneys, spleen, and veins; helps stabilize cell membranes and control cell function;
  • Is beneficial for acute viral hepatitis, metabolic disease, and continual-persistent hepatitis;
  • Aids in gallstones and supports the gallbladder; can raise bile solubility, which encourages its circulation;
  • Prevents obesity;
  • Last but not lease, enhances and strengthens the immune system”


As mentioned in Habib’s article—a quote from Gregory L. Tilford and Mary L. Wulff—“Despite much of the publicity that has been generated about this ‘wonder herb’, milk thistle should not be used as a daily supplement. Holistic doctors typically administer or recommend a duration of 3-6 weeks with 1-3 week breaks. (Dosage: ¼ teaspoon per 20 lbs. of body weight).

Remember, even though this miracle herb has a multitude of health benefits, treating the symptoms will not prevent an allergen from reoccurring. If it’s a food allergy, consider researching elimination diets so you can find out what to avoid feeding your pet and hopefully stop the reactions to allergies all together. Visit Rodney Habib’s site for more information on Milk Thistle or for further research involving pets and their health!




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